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Stable and flexible tracking system

15 Jul 2018

Schletter Group's new single-axis tracking system not only allows a ground cover ratio due to its patent pending locking mechanism and 4m width, it also has the same level of stability as a fixed mounting system. The drive concept requires no hydraulic dampers and completely avoids the dangerous 'galloping effect' under wind loads. This Schletter system works with a self-locking mechanism. Each post is equipped with a mechanical locking element which automatically locks as soon as the row has stopped moving. This drive system eliminates wind vibrations over the entire row. Therefore the system, while at rest, has the properties and durability of a fixed mounting system and is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 260km per hour. The tracker has a rotational range of  ±60 ° and tracks the sun astronomically. Each row can be up to 120m long and is driven by one centrally located motor. Each row is 4m wide and can hold two panels vertically or four horizontally. This allows operators to make optimal use of the land and a ground cover ratio of more than 50% can be achieved. The motor and the control systems are powered by a dedicated PV panel in each row with a battery pack, ensuring reliability of operation. The system is controlled through wireless technology which eliminates wiring for both power supply and communication. The upper sub-assembly comes pre-mounted to the motor unit, so installing the system is quick and safe. The motor and control system are plug and play. The system is manufactured mostly from galvanised steel and can stand either on pile-driven or concrete foundations. Furthermore, the system is able to compensate slopes of up to 10 °. To make maintenance and servicing easy, mechanical connections between the rows have been avoided. This allows unhampered vehicle access between the rows.

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