Speed, efficiency, and safety in a solar canopy

Quest Renewables' QuadPod double cantilever is the company's newest introduction to the carport market. With QuadPod, local EPCs can assemble and construct systems themselves, saving on markup of the foundations and of the assembly and construction. The construction is straight forward and repeatable, and most EPCs source foundation, construction, and electrical labor locally, enabling them to extract the most value from their projects. The double cantilever has a standard 14x13 configuration for areas below 30psf of snow and a 12x12 configuration for areas with 30psf of snow and above. With just 3 foundations per 100kW, the QuadPod double cantilever can easily be applied to any parking lot configuration regardless of parking spot width or drive aisle dimensions. 90% of QuadPod's construction takes place on the ground, inclusive of module and inverter wiring. After the on the ground assembly, electrical and lighting, the canopies are lifted by crane for final installation, minimizing overhead work and optimizing worksite safety. The mechanical and electrical workers get a safe construction environment, and the incremental cost of the crane is more than made up by the efficiency gained. Short on-site time reduces construction management costs, increases throughput, and limits disruption to parking lot operations.

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