Product: SE20kUS-480

Application: Three-phase utility interactive inverter

Continuous Output Power: 20 kW

Weighted CEC Efficiency: 98% 

Peak Efficiency Range: N/A as it’s a fixed voltage inverter

DC Voltage Operating Range: N/A as it’s a fixed voltage inverter

Operating Temperature Range: -25° C to +60° C (-13° F to +140° F); -40° C (-40° F) version available

Dimensions: 30.5" x 12.5" x 10.5" (including AC/DC safety switch)

Certifications/Approvals: UL1741, IEEE1547; FCC Part 15 Class B

Warranty: 12-year standard, with extensions to 20 or 25 years


Key Features:                                   

•          Small, lightweight (<80lb), and easy to install on provided bracket;

•          Built-in module-level monitoring, with high efficiency (98%);

•          Integrated AC/DC safety switch, and communication to Internet via Ethernet or Wireless; and

•          Outdoor and indoor installation possible.



As seen in: SOLAR Spotlight: Commercial Inverters
Volume: July/August 2013