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Solar weather station

14 Nov 2016

Reliable ground measurements are a crucial part of developing and operating utility-scale solar projects. SP-12, the new weather station from Vaisala, was designed specifically for the solar industry as an all-in-one system with everything needed for best practice utility-scale measurement campaigns and resource assessment. The SP-12 arrives ready to install with mast, data logger, instruments, and easy-to-follow instructions. Configuration is flexible depending on the project environment and budget. The standard option includes Vaisala's WXT536, an advanced multi-weather sensor, which monitors solar insolation and other important environmental parameters. This valuable information is all backed up by the rugged and reliable Nomad 3 Data Logger, which is straightforward to use and stands up to even the most extreme weather. In addition, Vaisala provides access to all measurement data through SkyServe, a secure, web-based dashboard.

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Volume: 2016 November/December