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Solar thermal collector

21 Jul 2013

WATT-USA has released its newest solar thermal collector, the 2251S. WATT-USA’s all-aluminum solar thermal panel, the 2251S is designed to offer high performance at a lower price. As with all solar thermal products from WATT-USA, the 2251S is constructed to a high-quality standard. Features include BlueTec ETA Plus absorber, laser-welded collector piping, clear solar glass, and aluminum tray construction produced without seams, rivets, or fasteners. The attractive 2251S comes in an aluminum or dark grey powder-coat finish, and is backed by WATT’s 10-year warranty. All WATT collectors have been redesigned this year to work with WATT’s no-tool, leak-free connections and new collector racking.



Volume: July/August 2013