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Solar rooftop attachment system

21 Jul 2013

Anchor Products has introduced the U-Anchor 2400 for customers preferring a direct connection to a structural element of the building. Most of Anchor Products offerings, including the U-Anchor 2000, do not penetrate the membrane. The U-Anchor 2400 is a lightweight, rooftop attachment system consisting of a 5.5" galvalume-coated steel plate, with a 3/8" to 16 x 3/4" tall stainless steel stud. The cover is factory sealed to the top of the plate.  The product weights just eight ounces (227g) on most membranes, but can vary depending on the membrane. The U-Anchor 2400 was tested in accordance with ASCE 7-05 ASTM E330-02 (2010) and TAS 117B. Third-party independent testing found the product to have approximately 1,000 pounds of ultimate load capacity. Due to high-tensile strength, it can perform in conditions that exceed hurricane-force winds.


Anchor Products, LLC

Volume: July/August 2013