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Solar powered tracking and identification transceiver

14 Nov 2016

SRT Marine Systems plc, announces the availability of their fully certified solar powered AIS Class B small vessel and VMS tracking and identification transceiver. The AIS Class B Identifier has integrated GPS and VHF antennas, a range of security features, dual terrestrial and satellite tracking modes, and can be powered by either its internal rechargeable battery or direct connection to the vessel’s power supply. The new Identifier Solar Power Kit is designed and engineered to provide optimal power to the Identifier and enables continuous autonomous operation without the need for connection to the vessel power supply – with the internal battery continuing to provide over 5 days of standby power reserve. The kit includes a full bracket system to make installation with the Identifier vessel mounting bracket simple, secure and robust. The kit comprises of a high efficiency solar panel which has been ruggedized for long term continuous deployment in harsh commercial marine environments, a marine grade stainless steel mounting bracket which is designed to easily clamp to the Identifier Transceiver vessel mounting pole bracket system, or other suitable pole, and the Identifier power control and user interface with a range of configurable user functionality such as SOS and geo-fence alerts.

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Volume: 2016 November/December