Solar-powered mobile charging hubs

ChargeWheel's Energy Trailers are a combined solar power generation and energy storage solution for charging personal electric vehicles of all kinds. The Energy Trailer system is capable of simultaneously charging four electric vehicles or up to 400 e-bikes and e-scooters at DC fast charging (DCFC) speeds. ChargeWheel's Energy Trailers are equipped with solar panels, 550KWh of energy storage capacity, and DCFC. The Energy Trailer is capable of charging vehicles with 100% solar energy generated by roof-mounted solar panels, enabling micromobility fleets to utilize an unprecedented level of clean energy in their operations. Energy Trailers can operate in any parking lot, dramatically reducing space, permitting, and equipment requirements for the infrastructure necessary to recharge micromobility fleets at DCFC speeds. Energy Trailers don't require a connection to the grid, making them completely mobile and capable of generating renewable electricity onsite using solar panels. For EV drivers, ChargeWheel will introduce a yearly unlimited charging subscription plan, allowing drivers to charge their EVs at a fixed cost per year at any location. Micromobility or EV fleet operators can lease the trailers on yearly contracts, or for a monthly subscription fee, micromobility fleet operators who use independent contractors for charging of their fleets can direct their contractors to the nearest ChargeWheel Energy Trailer for charging.

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Volume: 2019 May/June