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Solar powered generator

20 Jul 2015
Larson Electronics has released the SPLT-1.2K-200A-19, a 1.2 KW solar generator system that replenishes 100 amp hours of usable battery capacity per day. This unit is composed of four 300 watt solar panels, generating an output of 1.2 KW. The panels are mounted to a rotating axis assembly and can be rotated until they face inwards, protecting the panels during transport. When deployed, the panels are rotated until they face upwards. In this 24-volt system, each panel is terminated with a fused combiner box with a single lever action cut-off switch. With the switch set to ‘on’, the combiner box passes power to the 80-amp capacity Outback Extreme charge controller which charges a 200 amp battery bank. This system is composed of four 6-volt batteries tied together in series and parallel. The batteries are spaced apart, strapped to the battery tray and covered with a protective shield. In order to ensure that the 50% threshold on the batteries is controlled, this solar trailer includes a system of min/max voltage sensors and relays that monitor the voltage produced by the batteries and will automatically shut off power distribution when the battery capacity falls below 50%. All electrical components, including the combiner panel, charge controller, battery monitoring, and ground fault isolation are encapsulated in a NEMA 3R box that is bolted to the trailer.
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Volume: July/August 2015