Solar power battery for multi-family homes

Sunnova Energy International, Inc. and FranklinWH Energy Storage Inc. offer a 208V compliant battery. The FranklinWH 120/208V battery is out-of-the-box compliant with 208V single-phase applications, fulfills California’s JA12 requirements, and is fully protected by Sunnova’s 25-year service coverage. FranklinWH solutions enhance energy management for homeowners by intelligently integrating multiple energy sources; solar, battery, generator, and grid power to optimize the safety, reliability, and efficiency of home energy. The 208V aPower battery offers a 13.6kWh capacity and four aPowers may be linked in parallel for a total of 54.5kWh per aGate intelligent power management controller. Multiple aGates may be used to provide control for individual units and blocks of units for focused storage and power supply that provide security and stability for each household. 

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Volume: 2024 March/April