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Solar pipe rack fittings

15 Mar 2017

Hollaender Manufacturing has introduced a new family of Speed-Rail solar pipe rack fittings which allow installers of Unirac ULA large array pipe rack kits to use standard 2" IPS Sch. 40 pipe as cross braces in place of the current Unirac supplied square braces. The new fittings allow installers to use the same pipe for cross bracing as is used for other pipe components. Hollaender's Speed-Rail slip-on pipe fittings are used with aluminum or galvanized steel, strong and lightweight, and come in a wide variety of fixed and adjustable configurations, including the tees and flanges most commonly used in solar panel installations. All Speed-Rail fittings are made of 535.0 aluminum-magnesium and are backed by a 10-year warranty against corrosion, will not rust, and can be used with galvanized steel or other metals without concern for galvanic corrosion.

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Volume: 2017 March/April