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Solar panel marking technology

20 Jul 2015
Fonon Corporation’s glass marking technology creates high-resolution barcodes that are permanent, legible, and non-removable with no stress damage to the material and requires no cleaning or post-processing. Fonon’s Laser Assisted Material Re-Deposition Technology (LAMR) creates high-resolution legible barcodes embedded in between the glass molecules resulting in a permanent and non-removable mark. With the use of a high-energy Fiber laser, a donor material is irradiated creating high kinetic energy atoms of silica or carbon penetrating into the glass structure embedding the barcode in-between the glass molecules. Barcodes on solar panels are often printed on stickers that can be peeled off, leaving the panel untraceable. With Fonon’s glass-marking technology, solar panels can be permanently marked without damaging the integrity of the panel’s surface.
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Volume: July/August 2015