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Solar panel installation robot New!

02 Jun 2022

Drawing from many years of custom design lift equipment, the Solar Trax is the result of a several year effort, starting with Bailey Cranes’ glass lifting Brandon Trax machine.  The Solar Trax 824 lifts panels 8ft high and traverse 24ft to handle most solar field designs. The base machine is track driven, providing a high degree of traction and terrain-ability. Designed for rough terrains and increased slopes, the upper assembly automatically levels itself for increased stability and ease of panel placement. All hydraulic functions include Programmed Motion which combines multiple steps, such as “Raise-Left,” which raises the panels from the center position, trolleys sideways to the support frame, and lowers it in place. Similar functions  include “Home,” which returns the tray to the center position for reload, and “Drive-Increment,” which drives the machine forward the exact distance for  installation of the next 4 panels. Incorporating Vision systems from the autonomous vehicle industry allows for precisely locating the solar  panels onto the mounting structure. The Pallet Management Vehicle (PMV) is used to bridge from current technology with 30 panel pallets  located every 50ft to a delivery vehicle that retrieves the panels autonomously. Therefore, it can be used seamlessly with the current worker-based installations to reduce worker fatigue and increase throughput. The PMV is tethered to the base machine. It lifts and tilts a pallet up to 3000lbs. and is self-propelled. The top of the PMV is a  landing support for the tray where panels are easily loaded.

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Volume: 2022 May/June