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Solar energy installation tools

07 Nov 2022

Laser Tools Co., Inc. has developed two new laser alignment systems for industrial PV Photo-Voltaic installation contractors and commercial installers. The SE-10 and SE-50 Solar Energy Installation Systems are used to align the support Pylons that hold the mounted solar panels. Used to survey and align multi-acre power distribution fields, the leveling adapters hold the green laser that attaches to the top of the king pylon and shoots a laser reference line over the top of the pylons for fast alignment during installation. This positions each pylon inline in order to support the solar panels. The SE-10 Solar Energy installation System includes the AP1000 Leveling Adapter Plate with a vertical micrometer and horizontal azimuth adjustment for precise laser beam alignment over 500ft. The SE-50 Solar Energy Installation System is robust and includes a locking feature for stable laser dot alignment over 300ft. The SE-10 and SE-50 Solar Energy Installation Systems are battery operated, eye safe, and include a hard-shell carrying case. This makes the systems portable, field rugged, and tested. These two alignment laser systems are manufactured world-wide for large scale, solar field and PV panel installations.

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Volume: 2022 November/December