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Solar data quality management

21 Jul 2022

Solargis has launched their software platform designed specifically for visualization, quality management, and analysis of solar data. Solargis Analyst, developed in-house by the Solargis data analysis team, aims to empower solar engineers and decision-makers to improve the efficiency of complex resource analysis, identify and fix errors in measurements, and ultimately improve their technical and financial decisions. Solargis Analyst provides a single user-friendly platform for effective management, visualization and analysis of solar resource and meteorological data, significantly reducing analysis time, simplifying complex data analysis procedures, and facilitating teamwork. The platform enables users to tackle common quality management challenges, including unreliable, incomplete, and inconsistently formatted data, while meeting demand from the industry for tools specifically based on solar physics and advanced data science. In combination with the technical support and consultancy services already offered by Solargis, this ultimately enables solar PV stakeholders to increase confidence in financial transactions using quality-approved and validated data, and improve the accuracy and transparency of their performance assessments.

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Volume: 2022 July/August