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Solar converter step-up transformer

18 Sep 2010

SPSU photovoltaic solar converter step-up transformerPacific Crest Transformers offers the SPSU photovoltaic solar converter step-up transformer, ideal for connecting solar farms to the electricity grid at large-scale solar power installations. Reliable and efficient, the SPSU is uniquely designed for the additional loading associated with non-sinusoidal harmonic frequencies often found in inverter-driven transformers. An innovative system of multiple windings reduces transformer costs and minimizes transformer footprint by combining the step-up function to fewer transformers than other systems. The SPSU model features circular windings that spread the radial forces evenly over their circumference and have cooling ducts throughout the coils, eliminating hot spots that lead to premature breakdown and transformer failure.

Coil end blocking with heavy duty 3-gauge steel bracing and proprietary pressure plates contains the axial forces exerted during a fault condition. These forces can cause telescoping of the coils, shortening transformer life. Designed and constructed to meet and exceed earthquake standards, the SPSU PV solar converter step-up transformer also incorporates a variety of fluids, including less flammable fluids required for enclosed applications.

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Volume: Sep/Oct 2010