Solar controller for efficient PV installations

With a new hardware and firmware design, the standby power consumption of PVH’s DBOX5 has been reduced by 75%, allowing it to increase autonomy. It also has an end-to-end cybersecurity system, providing maximum reliability in terms of endurance and security, and in-house manufacturing by PVH has allowed them to create a unique product while reducing its carbon footprint by 18%. The new generation of DBOX is designed to be durable and rugged. LTO batteries are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, and coupled with an integral, rugged design make the DBOX5 the most durable controller PVH has ever designed. The DBOX5 features the latest generation of LoRa radio transceivers, which provide increased connectivity range in solar plants of any size. This long-distance wireless communications system is a suitable choice for resisting interference from solar plant materials and devices. With an end-to-end cybersecurity system, it provides maximum reliability, resilience, and security. The DBOX5 operates with a revamped and simplified interface with fewer connectors, as well as a quick, convenient, and easy-to-install mounting system, which will save the user time and effort. The setup and installation process is performed by a simple and intuitive method through a new control App, available for both Android and iOS. This revamped interface meets NFC technology so that any user can exercise detailed local control and monitoring. PVH has obtained IEC62443-4-1 certification which reinforces the development of secure products. DBOX5 is a unique, self-contained product with a hardware-based security system that ensures only authorized software can run. The device stores cryptographic keys in a tamper-proof section. 

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Volume: 2023 September/October