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Smart transducer for pyranometers

15 Jul 2019

For years EKO has been manufacturing and providing pyranometers with built-in transducers, taking the signal from DC voltage to Modbus 485 RTU or DC voltage to 4-20mA current. Recently, EKO developed a new all-in-one sensor Smart signal transducer which allows selecting from 4 types of output in one unit. This new Smart transducer also has additional features such as internal temperature and humidity sensors and a tilt sensor. These additional internal sensors will help the user to monitor the stability of the irradiance sensors as well as to ensure its proper installation and maintenance practices. Pyranometers can be ordered with the basic analog output signal or with this new all-in-one Smart transducer. Following the introduction with pyranometers, EKO will expand the use of this transducer to other sensors and systems as well.

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Volume: 2019 July/August