Slim PV Junction Box

SOLARLOK slim junction boxTyco Electronics introduces one of the smallest junction boxes in the PV industry: the SOLARLOK slim junction box. This 15.5mm by 52mm junction box distributes DC power to a solar panel in a convenient, compact design that offers the least amount of visibility on the back of a panel. The TUV-approved product meets stringent industry requirements—offering a 20-year product-life performance.

Targeted applications include two-rail crystalline PV modules and two-rail thin-film PV modules with a 12-amp current rating for crystalline applications and a 3-amp current rating for thin-film applications. The new junction box reduces purchasing costs by offering a total assembly that includes solar-rated cables, which are available in various lengths to suit a wide variety of applications. The assembly also includes IP67-rated SOLARLOK connectors, which produce an audible click to ensure proper installation and include a locking latch feature that meets code requirements.

Tyco Electronics

Volume: Nov/Dec 2010