Single pair ethernet technology

HARTING Americas' Single Pair Ethernet communicates across industrial Ethernet protocols including Ethernet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT, etc., but instead of using 4 or 8 wires, it accomplishes communication across 2 wires, a single twisted pair. Also, it utilizes Power over Data Line (PoDL) technology to not only bring communication to the device, but also the voltage and amperage needed to power the device itself. Benefits resulting from this technology include, space and number of connections are reduced on the device, the need for an external power supply is eliminated, and devices on the plant floor that have traditionally communicated over Fieldbus protocols can now join the same IP-based network that the rest of the devices on the network are using. This enables peer-to-peer communication, open-loop feedback of all devices, and smart functionality all the way from the main control room down to the individual device. HARTING will contribute several components to the SPE Ecosystem, with the core product being the T1 connector system. The T1 was selected as the standard mating face for Industrial Single Pair Ethernet. The product ranges from IP20 to IP67, and currently there are metric variants (M8 and M12), with further variants on the product roadmap. To fit all applications and truly be the standard for industrial applications, the mating interface was designed to be the same and interoperable across all IP-ratings. The T1 connector series is scheduled to be released later this year.

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Volume: 2020 May/June