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Single axis tracker

14 Nov 2017

Axsus, a division of Magna International, has been in the solar industry for close to a decade and has over 2.5GW of fixed tilt mounting systems installed across North America. Axsus has designed and introduced an innovative and simple single axis tracker to the solar space. The Axsus tracker was designed using roll formed components that are well equipped to handle bending loads. The system contains a rigid drive unit at each post that alleviates the need for dampeners and eliminates the risk of torsional dynamic forces; this allows for an optimal stowing position of 0 °. Each table in the row is connected by a flexible drive shaft that is capable of following changing terrain of up to  ±5% between tables and  ±10% within a table. Each row contains one 24V, proven automotive motor that is able to drive up to 180 modules. 


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