Simple, compact, and robust modular fuse holders 

Mersen’s Modulostar range of fuse holders is now available in North America. Modulostar models are available from 1 to 4 poles for cylindrical fuses with a 600VAC/DC voltage rating as per class CC fuses up to 800VAC/1000VDC voltage rating as per midget fuses. The fuse holder can be opened and closed quickly with clear sound confirmation. Modulostar is easily snapped onto a DIN rail via a slight push. Removing the holder from the DIN rail is also easy, simply use a screwdriver to actuate the rail lock built into the molded-plastic envelope. Modulostar fuse holders can also be straight padlocked through a handy eyelet when the fuse carrier is in the open position. For models with blown fuse indicators, the indicator is located on the front of the fuse carrier. Two LEDs fulfill this function for alternating and direct currents. Various options of indicators are available from 20V to 1000VAC/DC. The space-saving Modulostar fuse holder is almost 10mm shorter than other fuse holders and features modern and tightened lines and increased energy efficiency. With this new design, Modulostar features lower power losses. The molded-plastic case of Modulostar is robust and rigid enough for use in demanding environments. The fuse holder features high-grade plastic materials, classified UL V2 and RH22HL2. Modulostar withstands high tightening torques for cabling: 2N.m is the recommended torque, but the product has been tested up to 50% higher (3N.m). 

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Volume: 2022 May/June