Sealing solutions for solar module assembly

SilTRUST SP100 adhesive is Momentive's one-component condensation cure silicone rubber for sealing. This adhesive cures at room temperature to form an elastic, flame retardant rubber and adheres to various types of materials such as metal, plastics, glass and ceramics, without the use of primers. It has excellent storage stability, stable properties after high temperature and humidity (85C/85%RH) and heat age. The low cost silicone grade comes with a complete UL listing including flame retardancy, dielectric properties and certification for indoor and outdoor adhesion to glass, aluminum, mPPE from -35 °CF - >110 °C to allow PV module manufacturers to quickly adopt this new grade. White, gray and black version SilTrust SP100 adhesive pastes are available.

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Volume: 2016 November/December