Saint-Gobain Signs a New Major Renewable Electricity Supply Agreement in North America

Saint-Gobain has signed a 15-year renewable electricity supply agreement (Power Purchase Agreement or PPA) with TotalEnergies for the purchase of solar power for its 125 industrial sites in North America (United States and Canada).

This 100 MW PPA, known as the Danish Fields Solar Project (Danish Fields), is expected to offset Saint-Gobain’s North American CO2emissions from electricity (scope 2 emissions) by 90,000 Metric Tons per year. The project is expected to come online by the end of 2024.

Danish Fields is the third PPA signed in North America by Saint-Gobain. The first PPA, with the Blooming Grove Wind Farm in Illinois, was signed in 2020, and the second, with TotalEnergies’ Cottonwood Bayou Solar Project in Texas, was signed in 2022. All three projects have been supported by Edison Energy, a leading energy and sustainability advisory that consults with the largest commercial, industrial and institutional energy users.

Commenting on this agreement, Mark Rayfield, CEO of Saint-Gobain North America, said: “With this agreement, Saint-Gobain North America will further reduce its CO2 emissions, demonstrating how fast the manufacturing industry can transform when long term solutions are at hand. This renewable energy project is a new milestone on the way to meeting Saint-Gobain’s commitment to reduce scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by 33% by 2030 - compared to 2017 - and to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.”

“Saint-Gobain continues to prove its dedication to sustainability through innovation and a multifaceted approach to decarbonization,” said Joey Lange, Managing Director, Energy Supply Advisory, Edison Energy. “Edison Energy is proud to support Saint-Gobain’s renewable energy procurement in North America and looks forward to seeing all three utility- scale projects generating renewable energy in the near future.”

The three projects combined are expected to represent a reduction of more than 70% in Saint-Gobain North America’s scope 2 emissions, compared to 2017 levels.

This project follows several other recent actions taken by the company to solidify its commitment towards sustainability:

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