Roth Industries

Roth Solar Flat Panel HelioStar 252 “stressable,” unbreakable polycarbonate case is lightweight and corrosion-resistant with no leakage due to construction. In one seamless piece, it can withstand high-impact temperatures, wind, and offers long-term, absolute UV-resistance. A selectively coated full area absorber guarantees the highest performance and connection of the pipes to the absorber plate. Other features include: a thick-walled polycarbonate case; back wall insulation of 60 mm low iron; double-sealed solar safety glass; a rounded case form without edges; optimal stability; low weight; as well as a dark color for appearance and easy installation with few tools. The attachment system is not visible. On roof or free-standing installation is available, as is installation on facades. The collector yields 166,467 BTU/ft2 annually. There’s also a 10-year Roth system guarantee.

As seen in: 2012 Solar Buyers Guide
Volume: January/February 2012