Regenerative grid simulator

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) has released its new Model 9410 Regenerative Grid Simulator. This test instrument packs a full featured, 4-quadrant, regenerative, rack-mountable, 12-kW grid simulator in only 15 3⁄4” (9U). Standard models include three (3) fully programmable channels allowing for any combination of DC as well as 1Φ, 2Φ, 3Φ AC outputs. The modular design of this grid simulator permits power to be expanded in 12-kW increments, allowing improved sizing for testing micro-grids, grid-tied solar inverters, on-line critical power systems (UPS), grid-aware chargers, and similar AC grid-connected devices. This grid simulator simplifies IEEE 1547, UL 1741, CA Rule-21, and LVRT compliance testing by providing the highest level of integration and programming versatility in the smallest package. The new Model 9410 Regenerative Grid Simulator adds programmable AC to their regenerative bi-directional product line which includes the popular 9200 Series for DC testing and battery emulation. With the addition of this grid simulator, NHR is now able to offer combinations of AC and DC products specifically designed to simple testing of distributed energy resource (DER) and distributed generation (DG) products by simulating the AC area EPS as well as the DC battery or DC-Link capacitor. 
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Volume: 2016 May/June