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Redesigned solar roof kit for fast, easy, durable solar  

14 Jul 2020

GAF Energy has launched an upgraded version of its solar roof product, DecoTech 2.0. The redesigned product will deliver the same homeowner value and give installers a fast, easy, durable solar solution for customers. DecoTech 2.0 will maintain the same aesthetic appeal of all GAF Energy's products, while simplifying the installation process for installers. The upgraded system features wiring improvements for durability and safety. It also boasts fewer points of attachment and new fastener hardware for quick and simple installation. GAF Energy empowers roofing contractors across the U.S. with a comprehensive and economical approach to solar installations. Designed to provide a low-profile alternative to typical rack-mounted solar panels, GAF Energy solar integrates directly with the roofing system and is part of the primary water-shedding layer. New high-efficiency solar panels optimize power output and maximize aesthetic appeal, combined with robust flashing and a sleek black perimeter shield to help reduce the risk of leaks and animal intrusion.

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Volume: 2020 July/August