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Recirculation pumps with speed control

20 Jul 2012

recirculation pumps with speed controlNew to Gorman-Rupp Industries (GRI Pumps) is the latest version of the Integrity Series recirculation pumps, the INTG2. The INTG2 incorporates two features that give OEM customers more flexibility and control of fluids in their system. The magnetically driven pump provides multiple supply voltage settings ranging from 9 volts to 27 volts, as well as a speed control that gives OEMs the flexibility to change the pump’s speed to meet their system’s specific pressure and flow requirements. Equipped with a brushless DC motor, the magnetically driven INTG2 integrates the pump’s components into a compact, lightweight design, eliminating motor bearings and leaving the impeller assembly as the only moving part. Fewer parts promote longer life, quieter operation, lower power consumption, and mechanical integrity. GRI specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom designed fluid pumps for OEMs worldwide.

Gorman-Rupp Industries

Volume: July/August 2012