Quality inspection technology

ISRA VISION/GP SOLAR's Multi-View technology lets users experience sharply defined contours of a contact or defect. The Multi-View approach to rear inspection merges different images taken at different light wavelengths, and uses a powerful software algorithm to compute the most useful, high-contrast image. Based on this information, the Multi-View technology identifies and depicts the sharpest contours of each contact or defect. Multi-View handles all colors and even color gradients with ease, regardless of the original color of the coating surrounding relevant spots. The technology is therefore a reliable and cost-saving way to reduce false classification due to pseudo defects or undetected flaws. The Multi-View inspection technology features a flexible CAD-style editor that defines any contact shape for the front and rear side, allowing customized inspection and fast on-site implementation. Customers can avoid investing in additional programming or R&D. The editor saves the specified patterns and allows transfer between production lines and manufacturing sites.

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Volume: 2016 November/December