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PV & solar manufacturing software

21 May 2012

AIS Automation is a global system provider for software solutions for factory automation, system integration, and process control. Optimized MES solutions are available for all waferfine solar cell production areas—from growing/wafering through cell production to module manufacturing, as well as complete process chains for thin-film solar cells. All of the important functions for production, resource planning, quality management, equipment performance, and material tracking down to a single wafer, are available within one flexible software suite. FabEagle MES is a tool that’s easy to integrate into an IT environment, closing the gap between production and order management. It’s tried and tested software for a wide range of communication standards (like PV02, XML, and more). Many factories working in the PV industry worldwide already use AIS software solutions for added transparency and efficiency in their production lines.

AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

As seen in: Intersolar Europe 2012 Show-in-Print
Volume: May/June 2012