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PV power station

20 May 2014

Ingeteam presents the INGECON SUN CON40 Desert, the latest in their INGECON SUN Power Station family, which are technological stations designed for converting energy generated from PV plants for the feed-in of electricity. Covering an output ranging from 460 kW to 2000 kW, the INGECON SUN CON40 Desert has been engineered with an extended operating range and has been made to withstand extreme environmental conditions—such as high-desert temperatures—without affecting performance levels. Because of its efficient gas cooling system, this new Ingeteam solution can supply a rated power from a minimum of -20° C to 60° C (-4° F to 140° F). With an IP65 protection class, it can also be easily transported and quickly installed anywhere in the world. At almost 13 meters long, the container has been designed to ensure full access to all the equipment, allowing for easy inspection, maintenance, and repair activities. In addition, the transformer compartment door has a lock code to ensure maximum safety.


Volume: May/June 2014