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PV module series

19 Jul 2010

All-black PV modules of the “MS 05” series Schüco has released two PV module series for the North American market. The new, all-black PV modules of the “MS 05” series with 170 Wp / 175 Wp / 180 Wp output power are ideal for residential rooftop installations. The light weight of the module (only 33 pounds) makes it easy to handle by one person. The small footprint helps optimize PV system design and installation, even on irregular roofs. Featuring a black anodized aluminum frame, black monocrystalline PV cells, and black backsheet foil, these modules perfectly compliment dark asphalt shingle roofs. Schüco also offers all key components of the racking system (L-brackets, flashing, rails, and module clamps) in black to provide an aesthetically impressive “all black” system. To target large commercial-scale systems, Schüco has also designed the commercial grade “PS 09” series. Featuring panel output power of 220 Wp / 225 Wp / 230 Wp, the polycrystalline modules with silver frame and white backsheet ensure the highest output and best cost to performance ratio.


Volume: July/August 2010