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PV fuses

20 Sep 2014
SIBA is constantly enlarging its product range geared at PV applications. One example of this is their new 1500VDC UL listed (UL 2579) fuses to protect the next generation of solar equipment. SIBA fuses meet and exceed the 30 kA interrupt ratings requirements. The new series of fuses include 10x85/14x65 ranging, from 1A to 30A. They are ideal for string and combiner protection, as both fuses are designed to use the same holder. For higher currents, SIBA offers SQB1 (bolted) 50A to 200A, NH1XL (bladed) 63A to 200A, (SQB3) bolted 63A to 600A, and NH3L (Bladed) 63A to 600A. Custom-made solutions are also available.

Volume: September/October 2014