Protection vents

W. L. Gore & Associates has expanded its line of screw-in GORE Protective Vents with a new vent, specifically engineered for large outdoor enclosures with a volume in excess of 200 liters. The GORE PolyVent XL improves the integrity, reliability, and safety of these large housings in challenging environments, including the solar energy industry. 
Changes in environmental temperatures cause the air inside of large-volume housings to expand and contract frequently, which can lead to failure of the housing seals and compromised internal electronics. Integrating the GORE PolyVent XL into the housing provides such a high airflow that internal pressure remains equalized, enabling the manufacturer to simplify its design and protect electronics without having to add stronger seals or additional bolts. The vent also increases housing life because of its durable welded cap, enabling the vent to pass the hail-impact test as specified in the IEC 62108 standard for the solar industry. 
W. L. Gore & Associates vents

Volume: May/June 2014