Protecting Cable/Wires in Solar Installations

As we look back to 2023 and forward into 2024 and beyond, clean and affordable renewable energy continues to grow at an exponential pace. Both Solar and Wind energy will lead the renewable energy power generation growth curve. In fact, USA power generation by Solar projects is forecasted to grow upwards to 75% this year. Planned Solar projects are expected to increase Solar power capacity by approximately 35% - 40% in the next several years. Experts have also forecasted up to a 15% growth of Wind power generation in 2024. It is expected that all renewable energy types (Wind, Solar, Hydro, Biomass & Geothermal) will account for upwards to 23 - 25% of the total USA electricity generation. Furthermore, Solar and Wind continue to be the fastest growing renewable energy types in the USA. Renewable energy, with Solar and Wind leading the way, trails only Natural Gas as the largest source of USA electricity generation in 2024.

A few reasons for the growth trend continuing are front and center. Factors in consideration are as follows.

  • Increased energy consumption
  • Reduced project costs coupled with technological advancements
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced fossil fuel needs
  • Reduced reliance on imports

The population’s energy demand requirements continue to grow higher with no foreseeable slow down. Federal, state, and local governments should encourage and / or incentivize the movement to greater use of renewable energy at home and in the commercial / industrial spaces. Currently you can find tax credits, loans, and grants for qualified projects. Many states have already initiated requirements that within the next 20 to 30 years, 100% of electricity must be from “clean energy sources”.

In Commercial, Industrial and Residential construction, builders and installers should consider many factors in the design process to ensure smooth implementation of the build plans. These considerations will allow projects to move forward in a timely and cost-effective manner. As we continue to see and experience the realization of movement of construction and installation of energy equipment, there are environmental factors that the equipment will face during the useful life of the installation. 

An ideal solution to address the critical requirements of these installations is to use a High-Performance Cable Protection System. High-Performance Cable Protection System solutions include durable lightweight corrugated conduits, conduit fittings and various accessories such as clamps, couplers, Y’s, T’s and other items to provide a comprehensive solution. Products specified on the equipment must adhere to regulatory standards pertinent to the industry. Other considerations include the requirement for UV protection, UL Flammability and Temperature ratings and the proper level of Ingress Protection (IP) rating needed to fully address the application requirements. To maintain peak performance of the cabling / wiring in the equipment, consideration should be given to the use of High-Performance Cable Protection Systems with each build. As renewable energy continues to grow with emphasis on sustainability and zero carbon initiatives, it is imperative that systems always operate at peak performance. So why not protect the system to the utmost?

AerosUSA offers a great solution with our new UL Listed product series. This matched group of conduit and fitting pairs were designed to address applications calling for UL Listed products. The product family is targeted to support the following areas.

  • Solar Installers
  • Wind Turbine Installations
  • Outdoor Electrical Contractors
  • HVAC Installers
  • UL508 Panel Shops

Many installations in the above categories require the use of UL Listed products. The installation must be in accordance with Article 356 / NFPA 70 of the “National Electric Code” (NEC). These same products will also address applications in electrical signs and outdoor lighting in accordance with NEC. ANSI / UL 1660 is the standard for products to adhere to in this category of conduits and fittings. Historically these installations have used traditional liquid tight products. However, the benefits of AerosUSA polyamide system far outweigh traditional liquid tight in applied costs and longevity. 

The key advantages of AerosUSA UL Listed products vs. traditional liquid tight are:

  • Easy & Fast Connection & Removal of Fitting to Conduit
  • ONE-PIECE Totally Integrated Fitting Design that Does Not Require Tools
  • IP 68/69K Protection Level & High UL Flammability ratings
  • Fittings & Conduit Manufactured with UV Protection Additives for Longevity
  • AerosUSA UL conduit is highly impact resistant and it will not rust like liquid tight
  • Straight, 45-Degree and 90-Degree Orientation Fittings Available

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