Proposal system, plus enterprise features and lead management functionality

Powur PBC is strengthening its platform by launching its integrated Powur Vision proposal system, and also adding new enterprise features and lead nurturing functionality to its platform. To provide solar professionals and businesses with a fully-integrated sales experience, Powur is launching its own proposal system, Vision, fully integrated into the Powur platform. Previously available in beta version in limited markets, Vision is now live in more than 20 states in which the company is currently active. In order to further support project profitability, Powur is enhancing its enterprise product suite with fully-customized compensation and margin controls. While new team assignment and staff override functionalities help to streamline projects and incentivize team members. In addition, recent updates to the enterprise product suite, like co-branding and an open API, allow companies to build their own brand while leveraging Powur’s administrative controls, buying power, and training and enablement tools.  Already offering critical sales enablement features, Powur is further strengthening its platform by providing more robust functionality for lead acquisition, communication, nurturing, and tracking, for improved closing rates. These new features empower solar sales professionals and organizations to consolidate pre- and post-sales activities onto a single, cost-effective platform, while also enhancing visibility and control over projects. 

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Volume: 2024 March/April