Pristine Sun Corporation Announces $250 Million Capital Commitment from Strategic Private Equity Investors

Pristine Sun Corporation has announced a $250 million capital commitment from strategic private equity and family office investors to develop renewable energy projects. The equity commitment will allow Pristine Sun to develop, finance, and build up to 5 gigawatts (GW) of its solar projects, depending on the capital stack structure.

The capital commitment will support Pristine Sun on proposed and active renewable-energy projects in Texas, California, and Louisiana, and allow the company to explore additional opportunities in the continental U.S.

Since 1996, Pristine Sun and affiliates have developed solar and wind farms totaling over 25 GW (including projects sold to other parties), with another 20 GW of projects in the pipeline.

“We’re thrilled to have this capital commitment,” said Troy Helming, Founder and Chairman of Pristine Sun Corporation. “We have an aggressive plan to rapidly develop significant solar projects in California, Texas, and Louisiana. Three projects will exceed 1 GW, making them some of the largest in the world. 1 GW is about the capacity of two to three large coal or natural gas plants. $250 million will allow us to develop, construct, and operate these projects to power hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses with clean energy. The demand for low-cost renewable energy has never been greater, and we’re delighted to continue as a leader in the clean power revolution.”

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