Powerful ground-mount solution

SolarEdge Technologies’ high-power, three-phase SolarEdge 330kW Inverter and its complementing H1300 Power Optimizer are for community solar, agri-PV, and small-to-medium scale ground mount utility PV applications. The SolarEdge 330kW Inverter lends itself both to distributed and centralized location topology, in which large-scale 330kW inverters can be installed in a central location while also providing SolarEdge’s benefits of Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE), that include more energy for improved ROI, design flexibility, advanced safety solutions, as well as module-level monitoring. SolarEdge’s new inverter and dedicated Power Optimizer solution is designed to help lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) by yielding more energy production over the system’s lifetime through 99% inverter efficiency, 200% DC-oversizing and an integrated PID rectifier. A lower LCOE can be achieved by reducing Balance of System (BoS) costs by up to 50% with fewer and longer strings. With the majority of site issues traditionally occurring in the DC array, SolarEdge’s technology provides continuous and granular visibility to achieve high uptime and low operation and maintenance costs. With the design flexibility to overcome module mismatch and shading losses on uneven and irregular terrains, the solution is well-suited for the rapidly growing community solar market. For developers, this presents more options for finding and utilizing sites that qualify for IRA tax incentives (Energy Communities and Low-Medium Income bonus credit incentives). The new solution can also reduce the need for site grading, thus helping to conserve resources. 

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Volume: 2024 March/April