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Portable solar powered battery packs

15 Mar 2017

Larson Electronics has released a new series of portable battery packs powered with lithium-ion batteries that offer multiple charging capabilities. These battery packs are powered by lithium ion batteries with a Samsung ICR18650-3.7V-2600mAh cell. These units are designed for off-grid use in remote locations with solar panel compatibility (Escape 30, Boulder 15, Nomad 27, and Nomad 13). These solar units are available with rated outputs of 300W, 2,000W, and 500W. The units come with AC and PV charging options and can be charged by a wall charger, a car charger, and solar charger. A digital panel displays the status of the battery in real-time. The battery pack supports 120/240VAC output voltages and frequencies. A Type G AC output socket/charging cable is supported by this unit. This product can be charged using solar panels (PV) with a max input voltage of 150Vdc and MPPT input voltage of 18~50V DC. The portable battery pack weighs 26.4lbs and measures 15.9" x 8.4" x 10.2".

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Volume: 2017 March/April