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Popular, reliable, easy-to-install solar mounting system now available in the U.S.

14 Mar 2020

EcoFasten is making its popular European ClickFit Rooftop Solar System available to all installers in the United States. The company has already received over 100MW of commitments for ClickFit and is continuing to take orders. ClickFit is a rail-based solar mounting system for composition shingle and tile roofs. The system saves solar installers considerable time on the job. During pilot and installs and tests, ClickFit has proven system installation rates of 20 modules in only 90 minutes. ClickFit’s features allow the system to “click” together and thus a fast and straightforward installation process. The aluminum rail clicks onto either the L-foot or tile hook without the need to tighten additional fasteners, and the module clamps click onto the rails. Installers using ClickFit see a significant productivity increase over other rail-based systems.

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