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Pipe fitting with increased pullout strength

10 May 2016
Hollaender Manufacturing has developed a new line of “X series" fittings that increases pullout capacity by 60% over the single set screw designs and 40% over the current two set screw (in line) designs. The added pullout strength adds increased security and durability to a wide variety of solar panel installations.

The new Hollaender Speed-Rail “X Series” design incorporates a second set screw set at 90° in the vertical barrel to achieve the increase in pullout strength.

Hollaender Speed-Rail slip-on pipe fittings are used with aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or black iron pipe to easily and cost-effectively build solar panel racking systems. They are strong and lightweight, and come in a wide variety of fixed and adjustable configurations, including the tees and flanges most commonly used in solar panel installations. The versatility of the fittings allows dependable support structures to be constructed virtually anywhere a solar panel needs to be installed. The same versatility also allows the systems to be easily uninstalled and moved if necessary. They are backed by a 10-year warranty against corrosion, will not rust, and can be used with galvanized steel or other metals without concern for galvanic corrosion.
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Volume: 2016 March/April