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Phoenix Contact

20 Sep 2010

Phoenix Contact

Pluggable surge protection for PV systems

Phoenix Contact’s VALVETRAB MS surge arresters protect photovoltaic systems up to 1000 V. The VAL-MS 1000DC/2+V-FM protects two-position DC voltage systems up to 1,000 volts. VALVETRAB MS is also available for other voltages commonly used in small-scale PV systems and power systems (12 V to 600 V DC). The rail-mountable arresters protect both insulated and solidly grounded systems. The protective circuit is thermally and dynamically monitored. In the event of damage, it disconnects the arrester from the generator. The VAL-MS surge arresters are available with or without remote indication contact.

As seen in: Solar Power International Show-in-Print
Volume: September/October 2010