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Optimized two-pole 1500VDC switch for UL and IEC solar industry

14 Nov 2018

ABB has launched a fully optimized two-pole DC (OTDC) switch-disconnector for 1500V utility-scale photovoltaic power plants covering 315-630A IEC and 250-600A UL current range. The new design offers both a size reduction and an increase in efficiency and performance to help manufacturers of PV combiner boxes, inverters, and energy storage systems adapt to the industry's rapid adoption of 1500VDC solutions. The two-pole 1500VDC concept helps manufacturers improve system efficiency, reducing switch losses by up to 35%. Measuring just 150mm wide and 122mm high across the current range, the compact size of the new OTDC range makes it possible for manufacturers to reduce the size of combiner boxes and inverters. ABB's design makes it possible to operate up to two 1500VDC strings with just one switch. In addition to the standard connections, the OTDC's modular design also makes it possible for ABB to fulfill the non-standard requests that come from the quickly changing solar market. The OTDC range is a family of robust switch-disconnectors, designed for photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) applications. The range is tested according to the UL, IEC and CCC standards to withstand the extreme outdoor conditions and sudden temperature changes that are usual in a solar farm.