New York Power Authority Seeks Developers for SUNY Oneonta Solar Project

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) is seeking developers to implement a 5.2 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) energy project on two separate parcels at the State University of New York at Oneonta. The solicitation, which requires submissions by March 5, is asking for proposals for a clean energy system that will deliver value to the college and help New York State meet its clean energy goals. NYPA is also inviting vendors to propose a battery energy storage system (BESS) to operate in parallel with the array to help balance the load on the power grid.

“The Power Authority is assisting its customers throughout New York State in incorporating distributed renewable and clean energy solutions to their energy systems,” said Justin E. Driscoll, the Power Authority’s president and CEO. “This project with SUNY Oneonta shows how we are leading collaborations on distributed energy resources such as solar and storage to make the transition to clean energy as smooth as possible.”

NYPA is requesting competitively priced proposals from developers to design, develop, construct, install, finance, own, operate and maintain solar PV systems for the SUNY Oneonta. Evaluation criteria for the proposals will include price, technical competency, technical approach, strength of management team, financing availability and financial strength, risk analysis, and schedule for project delivery and completion.

“We’re excited to begin the planning process for the campus’ first on-site solar array. This project moves us closer to fulfilling one of the key elements of our Clean Energy Master Plan: reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. We’re looking forward to partnering with the New York Power Authority on this important initiative,” said SUNY Oneonta President Alberto J.F. Cardelle.

Submissions are strongly encouraged to incorporate BESS where possible, allowing energy to be stored when demand is low and used at a later time.

The Power Authority’s preliminary feasibility assessment has identified two appropriate vacant sites on Ravine Parkway. The first would host a 3 MW ground-mounted system on 60 acres of open area about a mile from the college. The second site would have a 2.2 MW ground-mounted system on a 7.5-acre parcel accessible from West Street.  

SUNY Oneonta aims to incorporate clean renewable energy resources and support Governor Kathy Hochul’s renewable energy goals that strive to reduce greenhouse gases 40% and achieve 70% of New York's electricity through renewable sources by 2030.    

The solicitation requires proposers to demonstrate past success in their design, development, construction, installation, financing, ownership, operation, and maintenance of PV systems on a similar scale. 

Separately, SUNY Oneonta expects to participate in a grant-funded long-duration energy storage (LDES) project, in collaboration with NYPA and with Department of Energy funding, that will demonstrate a novel, non-lithium-ion BESS technology on campus, behind-the-meter, in long-duration applications. The intent is to demonstrate the technology’s capabilities under various use cases to advance the product towards full-scale commercialization. 

To the extent possible, the vendor shall coordinate the solar or solar-plus-storage system with the planned LDES project. Details of the LDES project will be provided to the developer as they become available.

Developers are invited to participate in a walk-through at the site on Feb. 12. Proposals are due March 5.

For more information and to review the RFP, access NYPA’s Procurement site here.

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