New thermal solar collector  

Solar Hybrid Technology Corp.'s products use reflective mirrors to increase the sunlight and double the power of the solar collector. Solar Hybrid Technology new products are all stainless steel and used for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. The new products are for high temperature applications and used for distillation, hot water, swimming pool, heating, and air conditioning. These solar collectors offer double the efficiency with higher temperature, less real estate, and less cost. They are protected against hail and snow, and are self-cleaning for max efficiency. The tank, lamps, reflector, and base are all in one unit so there is no need for elevated cold-water tank. The base provides for latitude adjustment and the focal point moves along the lamps with the change of seasons. The 20sq/ft absorber area has a reflector on the bottom and top allowing for continuous all year sun tracking without any moving parts. Available options are insulated water tank or heat exchanger, and different lamps and coatings. 

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