NeoVolta Sees Solar Energy Storage Inquiry Surge as Scorching Temperatures in the U.S. Places Intense Strain on Power Grids Keeping Up With A/C Usage Demand

Record temperatures across multiple states are driving many to the thermostat, and with air conditioning in high demand, many homeowners are worried about unpredictable energy costs alongside the increasing threat of rolling blackouts.

“If you are a homeowner without solar energy storage, you may be living a few degrees warmer than you’d like, sweating out the high costs and whether the power stays on,” said CEO Brent Willson, CEO of NeoVolta. “Everyone knows that the hottest periods of the day, late afternoon into early evening, coincide with peak demand rates from utility companies.  When it’s hottest, the utility costs the most, often three to four times as much when compared to off-peak rates.”

Record temperatures have been broken across the country this summer, with the Southwest United States, like Southern California, Las Vegas and Phoenix feeling the most heat. However, other areas like Memphis, St. Louis, New Orleans, Dallas, and many other cities also shattered heat records.

Heat waves can overload transformers, causing grid failures and preemptive grid brownouts, which leave residents powerless. Loss of refrigerated perishables is an inconvenience. Loss of power to critical life support equipment can be life-threatening, and no electricity for home offices or brick-and-mortar establishments can shake financial stability and security.   

“As more intense and frequent heat waves arise, power grids will continue to be strained,” said CEO Brent Willson, CEO of NeoVolta. “As the risk for outages rises, so too does the need for a home solar backup solution. Battery systems like our NV14 allow families to cut costs and keep critical loads and circuits on, making it easier to bear outages.” 

Solar batteries like NeoVolta’s NV14 have already seen wide adoption in California and other states such as Arizona, Nevada and Utah thanks to their ability to distance homeowners from the grid and keep critical appliances “always on.” Thanks to the 30% Federal Income Tax rebate and rapidly increasing utility rates, energy storage systems are becoming more affordable and a better option as unpredictable utility rates skyrocket. 

NeoVolta storage systems are designed for safety and performance. The company’s flagship NV14 energy storage system uses lithium-iron phosphate battery chemistry, which is UL 9540A certified, the nonflammable and nontoxic alternative to lithium-ion. 

With its superior safety, performance, and compatibility with any solar system, new or existing, the NV14 has been named one of Solar Power World’s top storage productsfour years in a row.

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