Motion control for solar panel scribing measurement

Solar motion controlProviding fully coordinated multi-axis motion control with fast move and settle times for large mass gantry systems, ACS Motion Control has developed a unique real-time networking technology that controls up to 32 fully synchronized axis of motion. Based on the EtherCAT protocol, ACS’ MC4Unt system connects multiple MC4U units to integrate up to eight-axis into single network nodes, improving performance and reducing costs. The MC4Unt network system also enables the most advanced servo algorithms such as true gantry with decoupling of center of gravity and yaw, Cartesian cross axis compensation, and adaptive multi-axis control, which often requires access to servo data of multiple axes instantaneously. The capabilities of the MC4Unt system can also be expanded using the ACS SPiiPlus UDMnt single-/dual-axis network Universal Drive Module, the SPiiPlus PDMnt four-axis network Pulse/Direction Interface Module, and the SPiiPlus IOMnt Input Output Module for adding nodes of additional axis and I/Os. ACS’ dedicated motion programming language (ACSPL+) that runs on the MC4Unt controllers provides a simple environment for users to program motion.

ACS Motion Control

Volume: Nov/Dec 2010