Modular footing and anchoring system

DCE Solar’s new Modu-Rack I (Infinity) racking system’s key design feature is a modular footing and anchoring system that allows installation teams to adapt to nearly any terrain challenge or property condition. Characteristics like slope, mixed soil composition, and adjustability no longer create hurdles for properties considered less-than-ideal for solar installation. The Modu-Rack I is designed as a continuous table – connecting arrays as part of a continuous system to accommodate various stringing needs, thus expanding the configuration possibilities for any given site.
The Modu-Rack I can incorporate helical screws or I-beam foundations depending upon the soil requirements. As well, it allows for flexible string arrangements, offers integrated wire support, and a robust structural capacity. Modu-Rack I, with fewer parts, allows for various pre-assembly options for installation professionals. The bottom mounting isolates loads and vibration effectively providing safe, fast installation and adjustment since workers don’t have to climb over on lean on modules to install or maintain panels.
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