Metal-roof clamp

S-5! presents its newest metal-roof ancillary attachment solution, the S-5-K Grip clamp. The S-5-K Grip was specifically developed to fit Klip-Rib and other bulb snap-together seams. The design utilizes multiple inserts (sold separately) to accommodate a variety of bulb snap-together profiles, without piercing the metal roof panel. Each insert has a unique shape that allows for a tight fit, providing increased holding strength over other attachment options. The S-5-K Grip also eliminates the large moment arm utilized by other clamps fitting these profiles. Instead, it features a low mounting surface area, with the mounting bolt placed directly over the center of the seam. This dramatically increases the strength of the clamp, making it ideal for use with heavy-duty applications. Plus, S-5!’s non-penetrating attachment method will not jeopardize roof manufacturers' warranties or cause leaks.


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As seen in: Intersolar North America 2013 Show-in-Print
Volume: July/August 2013