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Maintenance-free cycling AGM batteries for renewable energy

20 Oct 2010

Renewable energy batteriesTrojan’s high-quality line of cycling absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries for renewable energy applications provide optimum performance without the need for maintenance. Featuring advanced design elements like a robust plate structure and a grid-design optimized for high-power density, Trojan’s cycling AGM batteries are low-temperature tolerant, shock and vibration resistant, and have a low internal resistance for higher discharge current and higher charging efficiency. Due to their higher discharge current capacity, AGM batteries are often used for backup power supply or grid-tie with battery backup systems in which the batteries are not cycling on a daily basis. Most commonly used in standby applications, many AGM batteries are not designed for true deep cycle applications. Trojan’s cycling AGM batteries are unique in that they have been designed for true deep cycling applications, combining the convenience of maintenance-free AGM technology with the cycle life needed for demanding renewable energy and backup power applications. Trojan’s durable and long-lasting 12 Volt cycling AGM batteries are available in Group 24, Group 27, or Group 31 sizes. 

Trojan Battery Company

Volume: Sep/Oct 2010